telugu director Sri Ram Aditya  speechDebutante director of ‘Bhale Manchi Roju’ fame Sri Ram Aditya is a bundle of confidence, whose speech on stage during the audio launch event was like an excitement of a child when he first makes something on his own and his confidence is infectious for sure. He began by quoting the words of Mahesh Babu from an interview. Intelligent indeed!

The way Sri Ram Aditya introduced his technicians one by one, calling them up on stage and describing the way they had worked for the film and supported him; won the appreciation of the audiences of the event. More surprising is the batch of all the young assistant directors (nine young ADs) who were called on stage by Sri Ram Aditya.

He seems to be super confident and that’s reflecting on his face and in his speech. The teaser and trailer of the film have created good buzz on the film and going by the promos, one can surely expect a technically good movie woven with a tight screenplay. Let’s see how far this excited debutante delivers as per the promise he is exuding.