Vikram Kumar science-fiction thriller 24After ‘Ishq’ and ‘Manam’, director Vikram Kumar is one of the most sought after in Telugu Film Industry. But he chose to do a Tamil film as his next project, starring Suriya in the lead. He is giving variety to audiences, instead of sticking to one particular genre a his brand.

While his Telugu films ‘Ishtam’ and ‘Ishq’ are romances, his Tamil movie ‘Yavaram Nalam’ belongs to horror genre. Nagarjuna’s ‘Manam’ is a family drama, while his upcoming ’24’ starring Suriya is a science-fiction thriller. So, the film maker is hopping genres and giving variety to audiences.

More importantly, his heroes are turning producers because they got passionate with his scripts. For ‘Ishq’, it’s a Nithin’s home production. ‘Manam’ of course is from Nagarjuna’s production house. Suriya is making ’24’, which he decided after hearing the script. So the director has become actors’ favorite who share his passion.