2022 Recap: Hype That Ended As NightmareTollywood is just a few days away from waving goodbye to 2022, which has been a mixed bag. Here’s a look back at the films and crazy combinations that carried monstrous hype but turned out to be damp squibs shortly after.


The Vijay Deverakonda starrer carried mass hype in all the circuits, thanks to Vijay’s super aggressive promotions. It has pretty good advance bookings as well. But sadly for Vijay, the film turned out to be a disaster of epic proportions. Vijay hoped to progress to the next league of Telugu heroes and also eyed pan-India stardom, but his hopes came crashing down as Liger failed to recover even a sizable part of the investments. It will stand as a big black mark in Vijay’s career.

Chiranjeevi – Ram Charan combo

Acharya marked the coming together of Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan. This is a once-in-a-life combination and the fact that super successful Koratala Siva was directing it made it all the more promising. Setting aside the pre-release hype of Acharya, the combination was a smashing one.

But what followed was an epic disaster. Acharya was such a big failure that Chiru and Charan might not even gather the courage to come together again in the future even if a director comes to them with a good script. It tarnished the father-son combo and was a tough pill to swallow for Mega fans as it ended up as one of the biggest disasters of all time.


Well, Adipurush might be a film that was scheduled for release in 2023, but the all-important build up period was in 2022. The film was billed to be a sureshot bet, thanks to the fact that it is based on Hindu mythology of Ramayan. It was believed to be the most promising and clear-winner film in Prabhas‘s career.

But all it took was a poorly-presented teaser to crash all the hype. Owing to the disastrous teaser, the expectations and hype on Adipurush bombed like anything. From being a much trusted film, Adipurush slipped to a position where it got postponed and there’s negative impression on the film. Now there are rumors that it might be releasing in June, 2023 either. It would take some doing for the film to get back on track before it releases, whenever that is.

There are only three entries on the list as this list comprises of films from the premium segment. There are some other disappointing farers as well, but none as big as these three.