2022 Tollywood Directors ArroganceThe directors play a decisive role in the success of a film. But here’s a story on the Telugu directors who’s arrogance ended up costing their films big time.

Macherla Niyojakavargam – Sekhar Reddy

Just when Macherla was heading for release, social media was flooded with old tweets of the director Sekhar Reddy where he abused TDP and made casteist remarks. The backlash was such that the director didn’t even attend the pre release event. He tried to cover up, saying these tweets weren’t from him and there’s a malicious campaign against him. But his argument had no credence. Macherla ended up as a huge disaster and there’s no trace of the director now.

RamaRao On Duty – Sharath Mandava

This man went particularly hard against reviewers and Twitter crowd who express their opinions on films. He belittled reviewers and a section of social media users by mocking them at the pre-release event of the film. After all this, he delivered a humongous dud. Making a different-theme film and asking reviewers to be liberal is one thing. But this man rolled out an agonisinlgy bad product and then came down on everyone. He is nowhere to be seen now after all the trash talk he delivered.

Khiladi – Ramesh Varma

Ramesh Varma took a lengthy layoff before Khiladi and then came back to do, what is the costliest film in Ravi Teja’s career. He missed the opportunity so very horribly that Ravi Teja himself indirectly mocked and indirectly thrashed him at the pre release event. The way he mishandled the big budget project can be understood from Ravi Teja’s public display of anguish at the pre release event. Ramesh wasted all the resources.

Ante Sundaraniki – Vivek Athreya

Vivek Athreya has a peculiar story as far as this list is concerned. While all others delivered crappy products to make it to the list, Vivek made a quality film, but still made it here. The talented young filmmaker was very adamant about the run-time of the film despite repeated suggestions from the team. He insisted on lengthy run-time. He did deliver a quality product, but the lengthy run-time meant that the film catered only to a section of the audience. The masses couldn’t sit through. A crisp run-tme might’ve worked better. His adamant attitude on the run time could be one of the reasons the Nani starrer not realizing full potential at the box office despite coming with good content.