M9News Top Tollywood Popular Websites Rankings2022 has been monumental year for the industry as well as the media industry on the road of recovery after COVID blows. M9.news has had a phenomenal 2022 despite many challenges.

In fact, we had our best growth as we climbed up the ladder to the Second Most Popular Telugu Website (non-Newspapers cateegory). When Newspapers are included, we are only after Eenadu and Sakshi, while still ahead of Andhrajyothy.

We are confident 2023 will see us climbing the ladder further thanks to the growing patronage of our readers.

M9.news’s Political coverage is definitely the most comprehensive and People-focused as always. We are giving indepth onground reports of Political parties in all the constituencies. In 2022, we know we have given impactful information to the people to make an informed choices as elections in both the Telugu States round the corner.

When it comes to the Entertainment side, M9News first-on-net Live Updates from the US Premieres and Reviews continue to be unmatched for their speed and high-precision accuracy. Our Reviews have become the first source of the industry to know the fate of films and we continue to be completely devoid of any pressures bringing perfect Reviews and Ratings to our readers.

M9News has become the top-most and the best source for information on Industry trends, trade, and also, the happenings on the social media. Our Twitter account is a testimony of our growth as an influencer with each tweet having fabulous reach unfathomable for any other media house.

We have created a new trend covering film events live (#M9NewsLIVE) two years ago to bring the onground Euphoria live to fans and that had become the favorite of fans. There are certain media houses that tried to replicate it but failed because we know fans better than anyone.

M9News also forayed into the Video content space this year. We have been doing video interviews of the celebrities. We have a dozen of them so far but the impact is far bigger than anyone can imagine just because of calling spade a spade attitude. We are looking to further invest and enhance in this space in 2023. Quite a few exciting things are on the way.

While we take the pride in our achievements in 2022, we thank our readers with utmost humility and owe our success to them. We have many big and disruptive things coming up in 2023. We will make them interesting and impactful for our readers and in the process, will realize the target of being the Number One in the media space.