2019 CM Pawan Kalyan - Naga Babu“Every politician aspires to be at the top position. So, what is wrong if Kalyan Babu becomes the Chief Minister of the State?” He is the only hero among the present generation who has an immense fan following in the lines of Senior NTR and Kannada Rajkumar says, Naga Babu.

Pawan Kalyan‘s fan following isn’t limited to films. He has earned the confidence of the fans by the virtue of his deeds and his concern for the masses explained the mega brother differentiating the fan following of other heroes with Pawan Kalyan. He might even become the CM of the State if he wants to.

But then, YSR and CBN became the Chief Ministers after a long time, after their political entry. So, there is still time for Pawan Kalyan. If not in 2019 elections, he will come at the right time. This isn’t the first time Naga Babu expressed his belief on his younger brother and his noble intentions.