2019 - All Eyes On Prabhas And Saaho--More than one and half year has been completed since the release of last Prabhas movie. It is a big deal since that was the epic Baahubali 2 that thrashed records all over the country and the world. A new film from the lead star of Baahubali movies is definitely going to be on everyone’s radar.

Rebel Star Prabhas is coming with Saaho on Independence Day later in the year. In a post-Baahubali Indian cinema, Saaho is the first pan-Indian movie from Telugu cinema. In Tamil, we have had Puli and recently 2.0 and in Kannada, there is a KGF wave going on currently.

One can now understand how critical is Saaho and its pan-Indian reception not just for Prabhas but also for future planning of biggies in Telugu cinema. Yes, Baahubali movies are a game changer, but the real effect would come into play with the arrival of Saaho. We already have a film that would be immediately affected, either positively or negatively. If it’s positive, expect our top stars to actively attempt such projects in future.

All in all, Saaho and it’s release will be the time when the entire Telugu film industry will be anxious silently and come to a standstill.