2015 going the 2005 way!The year 2015 is starting to resemble the year 2005 in trade terms. A decade ago, in 2005 Telugu films (Andarivadu, Athadu, Jai Chiranjeeva, Balu, Narasimhudu etc) were going through torrid time what with even the biggest of the films failing to recover the prices where as the dubbed films (Aparichitudu, Chandramukhi, Ghajini) set the cash registers ringing.

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Now we almost a replica of that year what with none of the Telugu films managing to get a clean hit status, a blockbuster seems like a distant memory. Three big Telugu films released so far featuring top stars like Pawan Kalyan, Jr NTR and Allu Arjun but none of them have managed to bring smile on distributors faces.

On the other hand films like Ganga and Raghuvaran B Tech have managed to give good returns on the investment made to them. Even a failure like I managed to collect sensationally for a small period and hence it could minimize its loss to a great extent. Then there are a couple of dubbed films from English as well.

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If this trend of 2005 were to completely replicated, we could be looking at the biggest grosser of the year being a loser as well. In 2005 the film Andarivadu despite being the biggest failed to get buyers to safety. Looking the exorbitant prices that Baahubali has been sold at, will it be a déjàvu feeling for us?