Top 10 Disasters of TollywoodIt’s that time of the year where we take a look at the year that went by in highlights. Here we look at some films that created excitement among the audience but ended up being huge disappointments at the box office. The order is not based purely on the commercial outcome but it’s a combination of the pre release expectations, the film’s performance and final outcome for all involved. Here are the top 10 disasters of the year.

Actor Adi who is on a roll with decent success joins with G Ashok of Pilla Zamindar fame to create reasonable expectations. But the product that they came up with together bellied any little standards that were expected of a film in this combination. A colossal disappointment this was.

Kalyan Ram- OM 3D Review9.Om 3D
The film looked another came and go, project from actor Kalyan Ram before all of a sudden it developed good hype on the eve of its release. The 3D factor added additional novelty and all this resulted in best opening for the actor. But all that fizzled out as soon as the morning shows got ever and the talk spread. Now no one even remembers the film.

Gouravam movie8.Gauravam
It’s not that the film had any great expectations so that it found a place in the list of disasters but it’s more because of the kind of disaster it was that has put this film in the list. This one couldn’t even manage a step before it was out of cinemas.

Jabardasth SWOT Analysis7.Jabardasth
Director Nandini Reddy succumbed to the famous second film sentiment that is prevalent in the Telugu film industry. Presence of real life couple Samantha and Siddharth too didn’t help this endeavor that was more in news for copy allegations.

RAM in Ongole gitta6.Ongole Gittha
Touted as the comeback venture of director Bhaskar after Orange, this one proved to be a bigger disaster than the previous film. The director’s shifting of genre didn’t work out as expected instead it made his situation even worse than before.

Bunny- iddarammayilatho5.Iddarammayilatho
With Puri Jagannadh at helm expectations were always in check but still given the pedigree of the director and the trailers and songs, some hopes were raised among the fans of the actor and the admirers of the director. All that were busted as the film hit the theaters. The silver lining here was unlike some flops that proved damaging to the careers of its stars Allu Arjun walked away unscathed.

ramayya vastavayya4.Ramayya vastavayya
Probably the most hyped film of the year thanks to its director and the title value. The teasers, director and the producer all projected something and the end result was something else. Result – a big loosing venture for all involved. Fans can be happy for the fact that at least in the first half they got to see the shades of a new NTR as promised by the director. A good opportunity lost.

Venkatesh-Shadow 3.Shadow
Now Shadow is like self immolation, why would anyone with a sane mind do a film of such scale with a director who previously delivered an unforgettable dud. Venkatesh is a very good actor but Meher Ramesh gets the credit again for making a joker out of him in Shadow. The various get up’s and the amnesia sequences – ahh, the horror.

Bhai- 2.Bhai
Akkineni Nagarjuna is known to encourage new talents always. It worked for him in the beginning and was the reason he got his stardom in the first place (remember Shiva with a newcomer), but what worked for him in the beginning is working complete against him now. The actor gave chance to Veerabhdram Chowdhary and he in turn made a joke out of Nagarjuna with the film which was worse than the actual failing of the film.

By far the biggest disaster of the year on an All India Level was the film Thoofan. What was even worse than the commercial failure of the film was the critical mauling it got for its lead actor Ram Charan. And the result of this failure can be gauzed by the fact that the actor is yet to take off with a new film.