2013 Tollywood films

It looks like the South Indian cinema has a lot in store for its viewers in the new year 2013. Actors like Mahesh Babu, Ram Charan, and NTR who have all managed to do only a single film in 2012 are expected to work faster and release as many films as possible in this year. In this context, Mahesh has signed two new films; Ram Charan is expected to be seen in three films while Pawan Kalyan also hopes to work on multiple projects to save time. NTR already signed two other projects while his Baadshah is grearing up for March release.

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As for the films, Telugu director Madhura Sreedhar seems to think that remake are the trend of the day “ Leading heroes will continue doing films with a predefined formula because it is safe and a rapidly growing trend in Bollywood too.” Srinivasan definitely agrees and said, “The number of remakes is sure to increase this year. Bollywood will continue to cash in on regional films, both in Tamil and Telugu, as most remakes of the recent past did exceptionally good business.”