Pawan-fans-in-2013-yr2013 has been truly a blockbuster year for Pawan Kalyan fans. Like a blockbuster film it had the heights and lows, happiness and sorrow. The year began with a bang with Pawan Kalyan winning a number of awards like never before in his career for Gabbar Singh. He also got his first Filmfare award as well this year.

It was followed by what would be an unforgettable chapter in Telugu cinema history. For the first time in TFI a big film had its piracy out even before the release of the film. It sent shivers across the industries and the film which until then was getting postponed due to agitations got a hurried release worldwide. This was followed by film’s stunning run all over making it a universally accepted Industry Hit, another first in the career of Pawan Kalyan. He gave interviews, conducted a ‘Thank You’ meet, he was all over the place.

Fans of Pawan Kalyan, who were following him, through thick and thin for all these years got what they truly wanted in this year. It took a cult form in the form of Pawanism and everything was going like a dream till the latest marriage issue surfaced. All of a sudden the actor was in news for his third marriage shocking all his fans and jolting them out of dream space. All those followers of Pawanism, not knowing what to do or what to say as everyone in shell shock at the turn of events.

If this roller-coaster ride of emotions was a film script wouldn’t it be a blockbuster. Well it sure will be but let’s not get there. Let’s just focus at these remarkable turn of events and the future ahead of them. Will this marriage affect his popularity, will things be back to normal by the Gabbar Singh 2 releases and many more such questions are swirling in every fan’s mind. And the answers to all these will be known in the coming year which already looks like another blockbuster year in the making for them.

Share us your opinion on what you think the future holds for Pawan Kalyan from this point onwards.