2 States to have Telugu remake?

If all goes well, then we will soon have a Telugu remake of recent Hindi blockbuster ‘2 States’, which has already raked in over INR 100 crore at the box-office. But what worries us the most that what kind of remake will this turn out to be because in the original, two extreme cultures were pitted against each other.

One wonder what two cultures will be made to pit against each other. Will it be Tamil and Telugu? Because only when these two cultures are pitted against each other, can the film be made in Tamil as well as Telugu. We have to see how this will be taken forward. The grapevine is buzzing with news that Suresh Productions has shown the interest in the film to be remade in Telugu featuring Rana. The news is yet to confirmed by the production house but people in the industry have already started talking about the film.

Let’s wait a little longer to find out if the film will really get in made in southern languages or not. Until then, let’s just hope to hear some good news about the remake.