2 States to emerge as biggest success in Bollywood?
2 States adapted from Chetan Bhagat’s bestselling novel of the same name could very well emerge as the biggest success in Bollywood this year so far, according to the trade. The film had released to big numbers on its opening day. It was the third biggest opening of the year and now with a stable day 2 and what looks like an even better day 3, the trade is all gung ho about the box office prospects of the film.

The film owning to its source material and casting always carried hype even during its making. With heroine Alia Bhatt smashing it out of the park and getting rave reviews for her last release Highway and hero Arjun Kapoor smashing the box office with Gunday, the film in their combination became red hot right before the release. The opening numbers proved the director and production houses faith in this lead pair and if the film goes on to become the biggest success as is being predicted, the entire unit would be one happy lot for sure, without any doubt.