Allu Arjun who is celebrating his birthday today attended the function organized for him at the Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust. This is a yearly tradition which also sees the presence of any star from the Mega family. There is a blood donation camp arranged coinciding with the birthday as well. Few days back Ram Charan attended the function on his birthday and now it was the turn of Stylish Star Allu Arjun.

Speaking to the fans at the function, the actor said that within three weeks span two films are going to hit the screens from his family. He promised that both the film will be thorough entertainers and will be hits at the box office. Allu Arjun’s film Race Gurram will be the first release among the two where as Allu Sirish’s Kotha Janta will be the second release on May 1.

Both the releases are test to these heroes as there last films have been disappointments at the box office. Allu Arjun is teaming up with Surender Reddy to get back on track where as Allu Sirish is taking the help of Maruthi to re-launch him. Do you agree with Allu Arjun’s statement and think that both the films will be success at the box office or do you think that they might have to struggle due to the political season in the state currently. Can Allu Sirish piggy back success with a hot director’s combination and establish him commercially?

What do you think of these two releases and the chances of their success? Share us your thoughts.