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The Second Biggest Audio After Baahubali 2

2.0 Movie - The Second Biggest Audio Launch After Baahubali 2It’s nice to hear the regional films are able to make their content talk rather than just the figures. When two big projects from South have attracted the pan-Indian audiences, it is obvious that the makers want to make them bigger by planning grand audio launch or pre-release events.

The arrangements for the audio launch event of ‘Baahubali-2′ are anyway under progress and it is learnt that the makers intend to make it grander. After this big event, Bollywood is going to witness one more audio launch event from South which attracted their attention by virtue of the actors and the technicians roped for the movie.

By now, you might have guessed it. Right? It’s Rajinikanth-Shankar’s ‘2.0’ event which would take place in Chennai, probably in June. Going by the whopping budget of the movie, it is understood that the audio launch event is going to be a gala affair in Kollywood. Of course, separate audio launch events may happen for Telugu and Hindi versions. Let’s see.