2.0 Out. Shankar Overtakes Rajamouli?

Rajamouli-Vs-ShankarThere has always been a cold war between Tamil and Telugu fans on who is the number one director in South and the Tamil fans took back after Baahubali 2 storm also the numbers aren’t something another film could reach anytime soon. Now that 2.0 is out with the positive talk, the argument is back again on social media.

The debate is on if Shankar is the best director or it is Rajamouli. Well, this debate has no end as both are the utmost talented directors in their own way. While people are still basking in the magic Rajamouli’s Magnificent war drama, Shankar is the is best in social dramas and Telugu audience enjoyed them to the core having no other director ever come closer to him in this arena.

But when it comes to no.1 position, numbers matter here which is why Rajamouli stays no.1 and nowhere trade is expecting 2.0 to go near Baahubali. Now you know who is the best.

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