2.0-Movie-US-BO-Collections-A-Shocker-Of-Epic-ProportionsThe not so record-breaking opening in Tamil Nadu, the average number in Telugu states, the decent nett in Bollywood – everything appears to be on a different level when we look at the US numbers of 2.0. It is the one area that has shocked everyone in the trade and the fans.

In the worst case, many expected 2 million to be a cakewalk at the end of the first day, i.e. premieres plus Thursday. The expectations on the premiere were huge considering the past exploits of the combo and the recent Superstar Rajinikanth flicks which were disappointing.

2.0 has got less than a Million ($889 K) on its opening day. Some films are more than this, and a couple of those happen to be disappointing as well. Big numbers were expected from Shankar and Rajinikanth combination.

So where did things go wrong? Lack of proper promotions and subsequently the hype on the movie is seen as the biggest reason. That is followed by a mid-week release in a dull November season, although the latter shouldn’t be an issue for the US, unlike the Indian market.

Everyone is now waiting to see where the weekend is headed after a start this weak. The critical reception has been decent, but somehow word of mouth isn’t matching the same. It is, therefore, a wait and watch, game as of now. Let us see where 2.0 ends in the US.