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‘2.0’ Last Song on the Antagonist?

'2.0' Last Song on the Antagonist?Akshay Kumar is garnering as much attention as Rajinikanth for his birdman role in ‘2.0’. and his look has created quite an anticipation on the way he is going to take on humans and fight for the cause of other living beings on the earth, especially, the birds.

The third song of the movie which wasn’t released yet might probably be on Akshay Kumar and his angst against humans and love for the birds. As the two songs which were already released will be featuring Rajinikanth, it’s natural to expect the third one to be picturized on Akshay Kumar.

Coming to the movie’s release, there is a lot of ambiguity and confusion because of the contrasting statements from the lead star cast. Akshay Kumar, himself has no clarity on the release date of ‘2.0’ and Lyca Productions is maintaining the buzz to release the movie in January 2018. Let’s see.