Pradeep Bhalekar petition against the release of sanjay duttMaharashtra government has made it official to release convicted superstar Sanjay Dutt before the completion of his jail term. His punishment is going to be reduced by 18 months on the grounds of good behaviour while in jail. But will that really happen?

Here is one Pradeep Bhalekar who filed a petition against the release of the superstar. He says that there are thousands of convicted people in jail who are waiting to be freed on the basis of good behaviour. But Sanjay Dutt is favored for an early release while the others aren’t.

The petition of Pradeep Bhalekar will be taken up during the next hearing of the Bombay High Court. When all seems to be going smooth for Sanjay Dutt’s release, will this petition create hurdles and prolong his stay in jail?