Pawan Kalyan Outfits in Bheemla NayakBheemla Nayak is on YouTube trends big time upon the release of LaLaBheemla lyrical. The film sees in simple attire clad in lungi and shirts. Needless to say, his look has been a rage among fans.

It could also be that after a long time, Pawan Kalyan is seen draped in lungi. The rustic and simple look of Pawan Kalyan is a hit. Typically, filmmakers go for huge and expensive wardrobe experiments for stars but that is not the case with Pawan Kalyan.

Stylist Rajini is to be credited behind Pawan Kalyan’s look. Celebrity stylist dubs that Pawan Kalyan adheres to his character and goes what is best for the film. While the look is a huge hit, do you know that it took 2 hours to get it right?

Yes, Pawan Kalyan had tried 15 different outfits for nearly two hours to get his look apt. The stylist dubs that Pawan Kalyan was a thorough professional who didn’t throw any starry airs. Pawan Kalyan essays cop and the Khaki look is also simple.