13-Yrs-in-The-Industry,-Ileana-Yet-to-Fulfill-Her-DreamNot every actress and actor can live every dream that he or she must have entertained through the curse of their life. Likewise, Ileana has this dream of being the owner of a sea-facing house in Mumbai.

Even after being in the film industry for thirteen years and predominantly playing the female lead roles, Ileana couldn’t fulfil her dream, yet. However, she is close to fulfilling her dream as she is planning to own a house by 2020.

During her childhood, Ileana grew up in a house with the sea in front of her. So, she has this wish to own a house that faces the sea. She isn’t going to compromise with the fact that her present residence is closer and a minute away from the sea, but she wants to be closer.

Hope, her dream comes true and earns more money to live her dream. She truly deserves to have a home of her own of her choice. What say?