Our readers are aware that Super Star Rajinikanth’s Sivaji is releasing in 3D format on 12-12-12. And on the other side, Tollywood is gearing up for its own special project on that special date. The film titled ‘Puttina Roju’ will begin at 12 different places from 12 pm on wards on December 12 this year (12-12-12) and it would be wrapped up by 12 am in the night. 12 directors would direct the film in those 12 places with 12 important star cast and would be completed in that specific period.

Popular cinematographer Thota Venkataraman is producing the movie on his home banner, Venkateswara Chalana Chitram. This experiment, ‘Puttinaroju’ is being made at a magical figure of 12-12-12-12-12-12 (12th year, 12th month, 12th date, 12 hours 12 minutes and 12 seconds) and dedicate it to the Telugu film-lovers. The names of directors and the artistes would be announced very soon. Raj Kiran, a young music director is scoring music for this flick. Amma Rajasekhar would be the dance director (choreographer) of the movie.