Cash seized in Elections india

Money forms an integral part of elections in India. Though election commission imposes limits on election expenses, candidates go beyond that limit several times through backdoor. Election Commission and local police try their might to curb the flow of money during elections so that voters are not lured by illegal means. This year so far 195 Crores of cash was seized by the Election Commission. Interestingly Andhra Pradesh tops the list in the entire country.

A total of Rs. 118 crore cash in Andhra Pradesh and its is miles ahead of the second in the list, Rs. 18.31 crore in Tamil Nadu and in the rest of the states, Rs. 14.40 in Maharashtra, Rs. 10.46 crore in Uttar Pradesh and over Rs. 4 crore in Punjab including numerous other small seizures in rest of the states. Along with money, 26.56 lakh litres of liquor, 70 kgs of heroin was also seized. 11,469 FIRs have been registered against distribution of cash and illegal inducements in various states by the Election Commission.

The above all are only the ones caught by the Police. Cash caught several times more than the seized already reached or about to reach the voters. Election Commission had employed ‘Expenditure Observers’ who will work hand in had with Police and central revenue services like the Income Tax and Customs and Excise departments.