The Hundred Crore Mark

It seems that as the Bollywood industry goes bigger, so does the dreams of filmmakers. Indeed, the Bollywood seems to have a fascination with the hundred crore figure. Each and every film that comes out, targets to reach this benchmark. And most of the films that touch this mark are more about gags and comedy than actual content. But as it is becoming easier to reach the hundred crore target, the target grows even bigger. In fact, with almost twenty two candidates on the list of hundred crores, it seems that two hundred crores is now the new target.

Shahrukh Khan certainly agrees to this fact and has given a statement that 100 crores isn’t a big deal anymore. In reality, Bollywood already has a new 200 crore club now and has two members join is prestigious club, namely, Aamir Khan starrer 3 Idiots and Chennai Express!