Everything that glitters is not gold. Likewise, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan may seem a happy one with the biggest blockbuster written in his name this year. But the actor can see the sword lingering on his head. We know that three criminal cases are pending on him in High Courts which are causing great worry to Salman.

Salman is his best at portraying ‘happy go lucky guy’ on public platforms. But he isn’t. Anything might happem. He can get jail term ranging from 10-15 years. His future is uncertain after that. He can see that no amount of good work he has been doing would be taken into consideration while the verdict is pronounced upon him.

Recently he walked for a fashion show for promoting Khadi in Gujarat. He understands that this good work isn’t going to save him from the people who have power to pen his verdict. However for the first time, he opens up about his ultimate worry on impending court cases and the jail sentence. Is there any redemption from the deeds one has done!