Along with his foray into the Bollywood, actor Vikram is also making a trip to the Tollywood, albeit as a villain. Talking about his project with Mahesh 1, Vikram said that he is very excited about the role and Bollywood always keeps an eye on such good looking actors. He feels Mahesh is very down-to-earth and nice to work with. He says Mahesh has got pan-Indian presence after his soft drink commercial. The actor had previously appeared in Prabhas movie Rebel and Bollywood films like Trump Card and made an appearance in Atma.

Vikram seems to very happy with his career direction and says that this is the way he wants his career to be, playing the role of an antagonist in South and a protagonist in B-town. As for his negative roles, Vikram feels that at times demonstrating our dark streaks through a character is a challenge in itself and he is happy to do this role.