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Only for the diehard fans of Mahesh.

177 Minutes – “U/A”


1 nenokkadine reviewWhat is “1 Nenokkadine” about?
1 Nenokkadine is about Gautham (Mahesh Babu) finding the killer of his parents and the reason behind it. Sameera (Kriti Sanon) helps Gautham achieve his goal.

How is Mahesh Babu?
Mahesh Babu is fantastic as usual. He doesn’t have to do much comedy here and mostly relies on the serious expressions and maintains the intensity throughout. He has also danced a bit here compared to his past films and also partially showcased his body for the first time in his career.

1 nenokkadine reviewHow is Sukumar’s direction?
Sukumar’s direction is a let down here compared to his previous films. He is once again in the Jagadam territory where the technique over powers the story. The first half of the film is full of unnecessary confusions and chases just to arrive to a point. It not only adds to the length but also appears pretty pointless after a while. The director fails in the screenplay department big time as it fails to engage the audience despite numerous twists. He has handled the climax with great care though.

1 nenokkadine reviewWhat about Kriti Sanon, Posani, Nassar,and others ?
Kriti Sanon has made a commendable debut. She isn’t a mere glam doll in the film like many heroines currently but also plays a pivotal role in the overall narrative of the film. PosaniKrishna Murali has a brief role and so does Shayaji Shindi,both do their regular act. Kelly Dorji, Pradeep Rawat all does their routine job while Nasser seems to have some fun.

1 nenokkadine review, DSPHow is Music, Songs and Dances and other departments?
Music by Devi Sri Prasad is fine with a couple of numbers being extremely catchy but some were placed so bad that they couldn’t create the desired impact. The music director gave a very good background score that suited the mood of the film perfectly. Cinematography by Ratnavelu is another major highlight of the film. He sets the mood of the film perfectly. Editing of the film is poor. Choreographer Prem Rakshit tried his best to make Mahesh Babu look a decent dancer and he has succeeded on that front for sure.

Mahesh Babu

Length of the film
First half

1 nenokkadine reviewWhat about its box office prospects?
1 Nenokkadine is a huge project in Telugu film industry. It therefore had a huge buzz and now looking at the film it is clear that the film would be running on this buzz. The openings of the film have been poor in certain parts of the state but thanks to holidays coming up the film has a chance to put up a decent total in the end.

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Reviewed by Siddhartha