1 Nenokkadine new version tomorrow

Owing to the first day negative talk ‘1 Nenokkadine’ makers have decided to chop the film and present the trimmed version from today. This news has been confirmed by producer Anil Sunkara, he said based on the response ‘1’ will be trimmed by 20 minutes. Movie lengthy run time is one of the biggest draw back next to poor editing. How much this could control the damage that already happened to the film? And the reasons looked convincing for Sukumar to release such lengthy film with out any entertainment factor are the million dollar questions haunting Super star fans.

We know this is not the first time makers realized after the possible damage already happened and we have not seen any film that did perform well after fixing. Ram’s Ongole Gitta is one recent example where they chopped off awkward nude scenes of Prakash Raj and other scenes for 10 minutes which eventually made no difference to the movie success.

Do you guys believe that this edited version of ‘1’ could change the fate of the film? Post your comment below and let us know.