1-Nenokkadine-censor-work-pThe censor of 1 Nenokkadine which was expected to happen today has been reportedly postponed. The new date heard for the censor activity to take place in on Monday, January 6. The reason for delay is not known however sources say it could be due to the fact that the final copy of the film has not been ready yet. The makers had thought of completing the censor with a rough copy which the board seems to have not approved.

1 Nenokkadine despite its censor delay will release on time insists the producers. There is no need for any panic of tension and every print will be dispatched on time and release will be grand, they assured the fans. If one remembers correctly there were also similar delays in censor in the last moment for few biggies as well but they all had no problem with release and so one could easily believe what the producers say here and be calm and wait for the storm to arrive.