1 Nenokkadine Audio Launch HighlightsSuperstar Mahesh Babu’s Sankranthi release 1 Nenokkadine had its audio release in a grand manner today at Shilpakala Vedika in Hyderabad. For the first time in the audio release history the entire venue was set ablaze by the 1 Nenokkadine LED’s that brought great grandeur to the event.

However the highlight of the function was as expected Superstar Mahesh Babu who came with his entire family and father Krishna as well. They all looked a happy bunch sharing candid moments throughout the function. Do we even need to mention how ravishing he looked, well even if we don’t that was taken care of by many guests at the audio launch. Renowned cinematographer Ratnavelu who is working for the film termed Mahesh Babu as the most handsome hero that his camera has captured where as choreographer Prem Rakshit called him style personified.

Superstar in return praised heavily cameraman Ratnavelu and appreciated the efforts of all the technicians behind the wonderful film, especially Prem Rakshit who in Superstar’s word made him dance. He became emotional addressing to the fans and said that the celebration will be 1 way in the coming Sankranthi holidays. Once again he thanked his producers with whom he is now working back to back and said that without them 1 Nenokkadine cannot be imagined. Finally speaking about his son Gautham who makes his debut in the film, Mahesh Babu said that Gautham feels he has done better than him.

Superstar sharing these thoughts made all the attendees and fans extremely happy even though there was a minor disappointment that no theatrical trailer of the film was shown. It will now reportedly be released on December 25 as Christmas gift, according to the makers. For now it’s time to enjoy the audio. Stay tuned for our audio review.