14 Reels Entertainment, banner has been the one which finally unleashed the full potential of Superstar Mahesh Babu with the film Dookudu couple of years ago. Mahesh Babu till then in his career hasn’t had a massive release or a first week record to his name as most of his films had a smaller release compared to his contemporaries. With Dookudu the production house turned the tables around with their massive publicity campaign and innovative promotions and tie ups.

Now they are all set to repeat the act once more for their second outing together with the Superstar. This time they have decided to go even bigger compared to the previous time. The makers have already got the fans into their fold by asking them to come up 1 Nenokkadine promotion pictures which would be featured on their official Facebook site and now they are soon going to come up with a high quality app for the movie which can be used by all the fans and audience using latest gadgets. With these promotional steps they are bringing in the fans from all quarters together and generate hype among common audience from these collective fan hyper activities. In any case this is only the beginning, stay tuned for more blitz in the coming days.