All of you must have loved the latest photos from 1 Nenokkadine that showed up online yesterday. Everyone has been praising the slick look of Mahesh Babu in those photos along with the action background seen in it which has further upped the curiosity. While you all may be happy the makers seems to not share the same enthusiasm and in fact they are a frustrated lot as it turns out.

Many initially thought the pictures were leaked but it has been finally confirmed that those pictures aren’t leaked but published by a team which has the right to. 1 Nenokkadine had done extensive shoot in UK and for the shoot there the unit has employed a local team. It is this team which posted these photos online to showcase their work. While they are entitled to do so the makers felt that they could have at least informed them before posting. Whatever may be the reason, the pictures are out and have garnered great response. With the shoot almost complete and audio release planned next month, surely the makers wouldn’t mind this early buzz. What do you think?