1-Nenokkadine-censor-talkOnce upon a time only few related to the film industry used to know what is the final verdict from censor, the penultimate judgment space. People in distribution used to trust these sources and last minute changes in business used to happen as a result. Today with the explosion of the media we have numerous sources claiming to have the information from the censor and pass it as the censor report.

Take the case of the upcoming releases 1 Nenokkadine and Yevadu. A simple search would reveal us numerous sources claiming to provide the censor report of these films. The overall consensus from these reports seems to suggest that 1 Nenokkadine is a below average to average movie where as Yevadu is average to above average movie. So how much truth is there in these reports. If one were to ask us we would say there is only a partial truth among all these reports and most of the times they get it wrong.

In the summer of 2011 and 2012, the reports were most positive about Teenamamr and Dhammu and were exactly opposite for Mr Perfect and Rachcha. The result of these films need not be mentioned. Similarly more recent examples would be the films Ramayya Vastavayya and Bhai. Even these two films had super positive censor reports and some even went to the extent of predicting these as the biggest hits in the career of the respective heroes. We all know how these films fared at the box office.

The final conclusion therefore is that it’s enough as a viewer to know the censor rating of a film, one needn’t know about its other details beforehand. Even if one finds it out of over enthusiasm, he/she shouldn’t be suddenly developing cold feet on the film based on those reports and get nervous as most of the times they are wrong anyway. It’s ultimately the public who decide the film is a success or a failure on its release. Until then whatever may be the information it’s all mere speculation and speculations need not always be right. So all we have to say in the end is that relax, chill out and enjoy the movie and make your own impression of it.

We would here like to know if you really give importance to such pre-release info’s and watch movies based on a pre-conceived notion? Post your comment below and let us know.