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​Poonam Kaur’s Silence Hurting PK’s Fans!!!

​Poonam Kaur Silence Hurting Pawan Kalyan FansAfter Poonam Kaur’s comments and Kona Venkat’s video message, there is no stopping for Mahesh Kathi to take the war to the next level by involving actress Poonam Kaur and shooting six questions on her.

Poonam Kaur is maintaining silence and didn’t get back to tweeting against the controversial critic. It’s a very tricky situation and it’s understood that the actress isn’t a critic or an expert to get back to the unending controversy and unstoppable Mahesh Kathi.

But, PK fans are now feeling bad that she isn’t responding on Mahesh Kathi’s challenge. The controversial critic is alleging that Pawan Kalyan isn’t controlling his fans. But, PK already sent a message to his fans in October, 2017 advising his fans to be balanced.

Can he come every time to control his fans? Isn’t Pawan Kalyan fans the reason to make Mahesh Kathi what he is today? Not only Mahesh Kathi, even PK fans are taking the war to the next level by threatening to beat Mahesh on live Tv debates and sending abusive messages to him.

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