Murugadoss, Murugadoss Reveals Mahesh Babu Movie, Murugadoss Interview Mahesh Babu Movie, Murugadoss Talks Opens Up Mahesh Babu MovieWhenever there is a bilingual in the making, it is an open secret that only the close up shots are shot two times in both languages but the long shots are managed with single shots. However, director A.R. Murugadoss is making a bonafide bilingual with Mahesh Babu.

The director is shooting for every scene twice and making the actors mouth the dialogues in two different languages. As Mahesh Babu is quite fluent in Tamil, he has no problem to shoot twice. When the star hero is doing it two times, would any other actor have any problem in doing so?

With this film, the director has decided to do more bilinguals and also produce films in Telugu as well. This is real good news for Telugu audiences as the filmmaker is known for choosing variety, keeping aside the mundane subjects.