Sandeepa DharIf you are making a list of all the dashing divas of the industry, Sandeepa Dhar has to make the list. She is not only trendy and fashionable but also mesmerizing through her fashion choices. From Instagram to magazines, she raises the heartbeat of millions, and this time she posted some selfies from her room.

From very simple dressing choices to spicing them up, Sandeepa excels at everything as the diva can carry herself like very few. A few days ago, she posted a transition reel in a saree and that took the internet by storm. But this time it is her simple pink top.

Not only her simple pink top but a very light makeup makes the heart go faster. She also paired the pink top with light denim that looks gorgeous on her.

Some called her mesmerizing and some fascinating. The fans showed massive love to her as she kept on posting. One user said, “You are looking fabulous and gorgeous” and some added that she is captivating.

She has been a part of Bollywood for a very long time and has been crushing the roles. With a glorious career ahead of her in fashion and movies, she is only destined to skyrocket. The sky’s the limit for her.