Tamanna-Bhatia-Vijay-Varma-RomanceActor Gulshan Devaiah made headlines recently when he playfully teased his friend, actor Vijay Varma, about his rumored relationship with actress Tamannaah Bhatia. In an interview, Gulshan opened up about the dating rumors and shed light on their friendship.

Gulshan revealed that he started the jokes about Vijay and Tamannaah, which quickly went viral. However, he emphasized that it was all in good fun and that he would never want to put Vijay down. Their friendship is built on respect, and the teasing was within their boundaries. Gulshan clarified that the jokes were much milder compared to how he would tease Vijay in real life.

When asked about confirming the dating rumors, Gulshan stated that he had no concrete information. He hadn’t even met Tamannaah personally and relied solely on media reports and pictures to initiate the teasing. However, Gulshan pointed out that Vijay’s expressions seemed to suggest that there was something more going on between them. He acknowledged their strong chemistry and believed that it indicated a deeper connection.

Regarding the possibility of a future collaboration between Vijay and Tamannaah, Gulshan brushed it off as something less significant. He emphasized that real-life collaborations were more important and wished them well without confirming or denying any projects. Gulshan also praised Vijay’s charm, acknowledging that he attracts a lot of female attention.

Switching gears, Gulshan talked about his Twitter presence and his username, “Guper Gullu.” He explained that the name was given to him by a student named Anish during his teaching days. He found the name catchy and adopted it as his Twitter alter ego, giving credit to Anish for its creation.

Known for his outspokenness on Twitter, Gulshan shared his perspective on expressing oneself on the platform. While he acknowledged his sarcastic replies and occasional controversy, he also recognized the importance of being mindful of one’s words and not causing harm to others. Gulshan believed in responsible freedom of expression and was open to change, apologizing when necessary.

Reflecting on past events, Gulshan mentioned the aftermath of Sushant Singh Rajput’s tragic death and the subsequent uproar in Bollywood. He expressed his concerns about others exploiting people’s anger and frustration for their benefit, emphasizing the need to be cautious and not let others take advantage.

In terms of his acting career, Gulshan Devaiah recently appeared in “Dahaad” and “8 AM Metro.” He has upcoming projects like Raj & DK’s “Guns & Gulaab” and “Ulajh” in the pipeline, showcasing his talent and versatility in the industry.