yuvraj-singhs-sistere-in-law-akanksha-sharma-reveals-shocking-secretsRevealing dirty secrets of a family by a family member isn’t anything new for us. The latest family to be objectified with such revelations is cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s family and the allegations are made by Yuvraj‘s sister-in-law, Akanksha Sharma who was married to his brother Zoravar Singh. The latter filed for divorce recently.

According to Akanksha, she never had sex with her husband as he never made any advances from his side to have sex. So, she too remained indifferent towards him for 4 months. After that, she ran away from her in-law’s house. Akanksha’s bitterness is totally directed towards her mother-in-law Shabnam, who she thinks controls her son totally.

Once, Zoravar’s business partner cum friend, Vivek started counseling her to have sex with her husband. This made her feel awkward as such advice came from some guy who she doesn’t know properly even. However, Akanksha has only good words to tell about Yuvraj Singh. This lady came into limelight as one of Bigboss-10 contestants who got evicted by the second week of this season.