Alia-Bhatt-fake-Whatsapp-photosLet’s begin with the clarity that it’s unlikely for a young heroine of Alia Bhatt’s stature to resort to such cheap tricks for publicity. By the way, she always gets publicity for whatever she speaks and also for for whatever she doesn’t (memes). Some very hot butt exposing pics of Alia have been found in circulation on Whatsapp.

Alia was wearing a very short pink dress exposing the whole length of her legs and thighs and the pics unmistakenly suggest that either she isn’t wearing her inners inside her skimpy outfit or using dental floss to make her buttocks look more assentuated and protruding making them look more obvious.

But a closer look at the pics suggests that Alia’s pics were photoshopped and the result is in a very bad taste of the person(s) involved in the morphing. The original pic beside the morphed pic shows how bad was the person at photoshopping 🙂 .