Looks like film makers follow the trend too. As we have already seen quite a few Bio pics pictured on screens recently, there are two more Bio Pics scheduled to make films on. One starred by Shraddha Kapoor and other starred by Hrithik Roshan.

Sachin-A billion dreams, Mary Com, Dangal, Dhoni-An Untold Story, and so on have done a great job in the theaters and there is Padmavati which is yet to come also has grabbed a great hype out there already. May be that is the inspiration for the filmmakers to choose Bio Pics again and again. Coming to our newly signed Bio Pics, Shraddha Kapoor is getting ready for the Bio Pic of Badminton champion Saina Nehwal under the direction of Amol Gupte.

Hrithik Roshan might be doing the Bio Pic of the Mathematician Anand Kumar. The hero has not signed the project yet but is under discussion. The film will be titled Super 30, a program run by Anand Kumar. Well, here comes your season of Bio Pics.