Yami Gautam - 'It Is Absolutely Rubbish Written on Me'Actress Yami Gautam, who recently earned fame as the female protagonist from ‘Kaabil’, is in the news again. A little while ago, actor Abhay Deol openly tweeted about actors who have endorsed fairness cream brands and Ms. Gautam has finally responded to her own name-calling. “The brand has the right to advertise a product but you cannot show that not being fair is an upsetting thing.” As the actress said, you’re allowed to advertise your brand but you can’t show that “not being fair is something to be upset and sad about.”

Yami also said that she will not make decisions based on “someone else’s ideology.” It is her life, her decisions; there is no reason to “question [her] credibility? I am a self-made girl…I have my own mind.”

Furthermore, the actress also rebuffed rumors about a falling out with her ‘Kaabil’ co-star Hrithik Roshan for Yami being late to one of the events of ‘Kaabil’.