Salman khan, Salman khan Dipa Karmakar, Salman khan Dipa Karmakar Controversy, Salman khan Dipa Karmakar Gymnast Controversy, Salman khan Dipa Karmakar Olympic  Gymnast Controversy,It has really become habitual for Salman Khan to make mistakes and mess up with names and fall into controversies. This time around, he messed up with the name of the Olympic enthusiast Dipa Karmakar who is the first gymnast from India to qualify for the final round of individual vaults.

As Salman Khan happens to be the Goodwill Ambassador of Rio Olympics, he was asked about Dipa Karmakar at a recent trailer launch event. The star hero couldn’t get her name right and instead of ‘Dipa’, Salman said, ‘Deepika’ and then when someone corrected him, he said, ‘Deepthi’.

He was found encouraging her name on Twitter but in reality, he couldn’t even get her name right as if the name doesn’t matter. His appointment as Goodwill Ambassador had stirred big controversy back then. With this habitual mistakes confusing names, he has given a strong point to his opponents. Don’t you think so?