what-is-the-actual-cause-of-om-puris-deathOn 7th of January, OM Puri’s death news came out saying that the veteran actor passed away with a massive heart attack. It is not doubtable on the incident that a 66-year-old to get a heart attack. But with the report of Om Puri’s driver, it looks like there is something fishy about the death.

Police registered Accidental Death report as the death occurred when Om Puri was alone at his home. The cause of death was not yet confirmed or clarified by the physicians yet and the post-mortem report is expected after 2 weeks. Om Puri’s driver have been questioned by police on the details of the death for which the driver reported that the body was found nude on the Kitchen floor with an injury on the head.

When asked if he knows the cause of death is the heart attack, the driver said that he is not sure of it and he can’t say if it is true or not commenting that police would find out the truth behind it. Om Puri’s close folks along with his wife would be questioned by police as per sources.