Aahana Kumra one of the actresses who have been part of several web series opened up about the raise in the casting couch incidents because of web series for digital platforms. Actresses are approached directly informing that the series is going to be bold with bold scenes.

With more and more digital platforms making their entry into the digital space and movie lovers getting themselves attached to the entertainment on OTT platforms, the demand has been on the increase.

However, there is a flip side to this. Web series with bold content has become the order of the day whether the script demands or not. Most of the web series have unnecessary bold and vulgar making out scenes.

Indian digital space is directly copying the western culture to attract youth who form the major chunk of digital platform users. Bold content has been a part of western movies from the beginning even before the advent of digital space. So, it doesn’t come as a cultural shock to western audiences.

However, with this trend copying, the western trend has been posing a big threat in the form of casting couch as acting in bold scenes wouldn’t be seen as being professional and it might adversely affect the actresses who act in the bold scenes.