Taapsee-Pannu-BadlaWhen it comes to giving back to the netizens for their tweets, posts and responses on her films and personal life, there would be no one like Taapsee who can make people eat crow their words.

When an innocent social media user praised Taapsee for her petformance in ‘Badla’ expressing his opinion that she was the most underrated actress, no one can see a sarcastic tone coming from Taapsee.

But, the netizen praised revealing that he watching ‘Badla’ on his mobile. That was enough. If she wasn’t eye candy like many actresses, then, he should go the theaters to watch her movie instead of watching on mobile so that her rating can go up.

He said she was underrated and she sold him how he can make her rating go up by watching her movies in theaters, instead. She is like a missile when it comes to using that sarcastic tone. Praise her or scold her, she can make you feel like nothing.