Prabhas-Saaho-Vs-Hrithik-Roshan-WarSaaho is being promoted as India’s biggest action entertainer and the visuals so-far living up to it and has been the top in the game.

Now another potential Bollywood biggie starring the topmost action heroes, Hrithik Roshan, and Tiger Shroff titled ‘War‘ had its teaser out and it is surely a war of action between the two films.

Both, Hrithik and Tiger looked insanely heroic and the film set up great buzz around in just one go. Well, now when two such potential action biggies clash, the first one out will create pressure on the second one to come along as it has to exceed those expectations to be considered a wonder.

That way it is lucky that Saaho is coming out first to give that visual experience. Had it been the other way, it is a pressure to meet the standards set by the first film. Now that it’s opposite Saaho surely holds an advantage to have its show first.

War Teaser:

Saaho Teaser: