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Actress Thrashed Pregnancy Rumours

Vidhya Balan Thrashed Pregnancy RumoursAn unmarried actress is chased for the sake of affair or relationship rumours and if she is married, she would be most probably chased for any news regarding her pregnancy. Bollywood actress Vidya Balan is literally pissed off with this chase.

She squashed the pregnancy rumours in a recent media interaction and angrily said that she isn’t a baby-making machine. Whenever she went to a hospital to visit her doctor even for a simple thing like acne, rumour mills had been abuzz with rumours that Vidya was pregnant.

She also connected these rumours to the increase in the population of the country saying that it doesn’t matter if some people don’t have children as the population of the people is on the rise, in our country. So, next time, one should be careful while cooking up gossips on Vidya. Grow up!