India's-Most-WantedThere are a lot of techniques that the filmmakers are trying these days to draw attention in the market for a great numbers at the theaters. The controversy is the most worked technique lately. “India’s Most Wanted” makers are going with realistic sort of method to get a better reach and this seems to be pretty good work.

The film staring Arjun Kapoor in the lead role has got no buzz on the ground till date, despite the teaser and trailer got a good response on social media.

Now the makers have come up with this unique and scary promotional material by arranging the setup of a ghost-like an appearance seated amidst the poster of the film in theaters. As the title suggests the film is about a crude terrorist who is called India’s Osama.

And this setup represents that terrorist who slips away like mercury from the hands and is as scary as a ghost with no face. Well, such eye-catching stuff is kind of attractive but will such promotion make people think of the film and line up at the theaters with enough publicity? That we will have to see. It is a unique approach though.