Uninvited Guest Salman Khan at 2.0 First Look EventThere had been a list of guests who would probably make to the first look launch event of ‘2.0‘ but it was an uninvited guest who surprised everybody by his impromptu presence. Any guesses who could that be?

It was none other Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. Though he was uninvited, Salman came to the event just to meet the superstar when he came to know that Rajinikanth is present for the event. That’s indeed very sweet of the Bollywood star hero to grace the event.

For a query, Rajinikanth said that he would like to do a film with Salman Khan even the next day if Salman Khan says yes. That answer might have made the day for Salman Khan whose presence had made the event grandeur and added some more smiles and entertainment.