Unindian, Unindian Bold Love Making Scene, Edited Unindian Bold Love Making Scene, Trimmed Unindian Bold Love Making Scene It is learnt the CBFC suggested trimming a lovemaking scene between popular cricketer Brett Lee and Ranishtha Chatterjee from the cricketer’s Bollywood debut movie ‘Unindian’. But the producer-director of the film Anupam Chopra chose to edit love scene.

A bold love making scene in Indian films is enough to strike some controversy or the other. Our Central Board of Film Certification is very popular for suggesting cuts for such bold scenes featured in not only Indian films but also those movies which come to India either dubbed or in the original English version.

Love making scene in ‘Unindian’ had Brett Lee making love to Ranishtha with intercuts of a pious person chanting the holy mantras. This concept is enough to make a big controversy indeed. Since the filmmaker chose to edit it, we’ll be seeing a suggestive love making scene instead of the bold scene picturised on the lead actors.